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Cable TV in the 21st century is, well, annoying.  Our cable is supplied by Spectrum.  Spectrum has installed a special system at our campground, to remove the scramble but maintain the quality.

This system is called QAM in the clear.  The signal comes in from Spectrum as scrambled QAM digital TV.  In our office, it is processed to unscrambled QAM in the clear digital TV.

This means there are no little decoder boxes.  The signal come straight into your TV, just like the old days, well almost.  This is not your grandfather's TV.  This is digital.  Great picture quality, all the time.  And since there are no boxes, there is no problem with having more than one TV.

However, your grandfather's TV won't work either.  TV's need to have a QAM tuner.  Almost all TV's made since 2006 have QAM tuners.  We have seen, about 5% of the newer rigs have new TV's that don't have a QAM tuner.  You should be able to internet search your TV's make and model, to check.

If you need a QAM tuner box, we have a list below of some recommended units.  You may ask why we don't rent or loan these boxes.  Well, with the hassle of installing any box, and the fact that many campground will be moving to QAM in the clear, we felt it better.  While we are one of the first to install this system, mostly because of cost, there will be many to follow.

You can buy a QAM tuner online if needed.  Some recommended units are;

Iview-3200STB $40 *** (DVR **) 

Iview-3500STBII $50 *** (DVR **)

epVision PHD-VRX2 $155 *****  DVR, Pause Live, Dual Tuner
PS  We have upgraded our WiFi this year to 14 access points on 6 towers. Each connection is 4mb/s, enough to stream video! Our service is provided AT&T fiber and Spectrum Cable modem.